Media Release & Next Week Feature Will Be!

Media Release & Feature

Good morning everyone, I hope this finds you in the best of health. I am very excited to announce that this week I have been featured in the following Magazines. As I have been writing &contributing to these articles this week my feature will be up next week.

Next week's feature will be one not to be missed! I uncover the truth about hidden SALT & SUGAR in our foods. I will also cover how marketing often confuses people with claiming to have no artificial colours etc. yet is filled with preservatives.


Grazia Magazine (out April 3rd)
Read My thoughts on dieting & the Wholefoods lifestyle.

Who Weekly Magazine (out April)
Read my thoughts on Soy.

The CEO Magazine (out May)
Read my thoughts on Vegetable Juicing, Recipes & A feature on myself.

Have a beautiful weekend all. Peace