Chocolate Green Smoothie

Green, Chocolate, Life!  

This one is for the whole family & can be enjoyed daily! It really tastes like a chocolate smoothie only GREEN, VEGAN & full of love. There is no other food on the planet that can give you the high levels of all nutrients then this nourishing daily additive. A quick & Easy daily essential that the whole family will love as your breakfast, a treat or that afternoon pick me up. 

From Earth Green Chocolate Smoothie


  • 1/2 cup Soaked & Rinsed Activated Almonds (soak overnight)

  • 1 Banana (frozen overnight)

  • 1 bunch of washed organic spinach

  • 1 Dessert Spoon Green Powder

  • 2 Scoops of Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder

  • 500ml of Filtered Water or 500ml Coconut Water.


  • In your Vitamix add all of your almonds, banana & dry ingredients.

  • Add in your spinach along with your liquids.

  • Cover & blend for 30secs.

  • Serve & be nourished.

Oceans of Peace x