Banarama Fig & Coconut Paleo Pancakes

From Earth Banarama Paleo Pancakes 


3 large bananas 

2 free range organic eggs or duck eggs

2 dessert spoons of coconut flour 

1 dessert spoon of LSA OR Almond Meal 

1 teaspoon of cinnamon 

1 scoop of plant based vegan vanilla or chocolate protein powder 

4 organic sun dried figs (soak over night) or 1/2 cup blueberries 


1. in your large mixing bowl mash your three bananas. Once smooth add in your 2 eggs & whip with a fork until smooth.

2. chop up your soaked figs & add into the mash.

3. add in your coconut flour & mix thoroughly. (tip) for a smoother consistency sift in the flour to reduce lumpies.

4. let your batter rest for around 5 minutes.

5. Heat your fry pan at a moderate heat with your extra virgin coconut oil.

6. Add into two table spoons of your batter at a time and cook on each side for around 3 minutes. 

7. Stack on your serving plate and add some fresh berries to serve and a sprinkle of cacao powder. 

Oceans of Peace Mungbeans x