Live Whole Yoga mats are a world first innovation that has combined THE ECOLOGICAL RESOURCES of NATURAL tapped tree rubber & coconut husk fibre to crEATE a sustainable yoga mat that will be with you for MANY years to come. by COMBINING THESE TWO ELEMENTS we have been able to create A highly durable, Eco, biodegradable, SUSTAINABLE, ethical & 100% NATURAL yoga mat that haS been made by nature for nature.

Go to our online store TO PURCHASE YOUR VERY OWN LIVE WHOLE YOGA MAT & with every mat sold we buy back real acres of land for conservation with our partner rainforest trust. namaste

Live Whole Yoga was founded by Nutritionist Dayne Crocker and Yoga Teacher Crystal King. Dayne and Crystal both come from an extensive health and wellness background which has seen them involved in many projects both nationally and internationally where they have specialised in nutrition, yoga, sustainability and philanthropy.